Photographer John Rowland is well known for his photojournalism including his documentation of Hurricane Katrina. His work has been published in USA Today, People, Sports Illustrated and many more. He also has extensive experience in commercial photography.  His vision however is not limited to floods, fires and products. 

Rowland’s photography is not tied to any one subject, but his work instead favors strong graphic composition whether in color or black and white. 

Rowland has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Photography from Sam Houston State University.



The Ogden Museum of Southern Art 

Part of the exhibit "Telling Their Stories” photos from Hurricane Katrina.


Southern Newspaper Publishers Association

  Honorable Mention Photo of the Year Spot News 2005

Photo of the Week Editor and Publisher 9/19/05

MSNBC Editors Choice The Year in Pictures 2004

Louisiana Press Association

  Best of Show in Photography 2007

  First Place Best Photo Feature 2006, 2005, 2002, 1999

  First Place Best Feature Photo Color 2002

  First Place Sports 2005, 2004

  Second Place Feature 2003

  Second Place Sports 2005

  Third Place, Feature Photo Black and White 2002

  Third Place, Spot News 2005, 2001

  Third Place, Sports 2006, 2003

  Third Place, Feature 2005, 2004

 The Associated Press Managing Editors of Louisiana & Mississippi

   First Place Photo Story 2006

   First Place Spot News Photo 2003, 2005

   Second Place Feature Photo 2002

   First Place Feature Photo 2007

NPPA Region 8 Monthly Clip Contest

  Second Place Spot News-September 1996

  Second Place Spot News-February 2002

  Third Place, Spot News- January 2003

  First Place, Feature July 2003

  Second Place Spot News- August 2005

  Second Place Feature Multiple May 2008

  First Place Illustration April,May,June 2008

  Second Place General News November 2008